You would be hard-pressed to find a business degree-seeker who has not thought about how much money they might be making after graduation. Sort of like how English students dream about the Pulitzer-winner they’re going to write. With the fluctuations in the economy of the last five years, salaries for business degree-earners have had their… Read More

The National Labor College (NLC) recently announced that it will be offering three new online bachelor’s degree programs geared toward union members, leaders and staff.

Officials said that they will be offering online degree programs in emergency readiness and response management, business administration, and construction management. They added that students can complete these curricula in two years for less that $10,000.… Read More

Officials from the Highline Community College recently announced that they have received a $40,000 grant to offer a new online business training program, the Waterland Blog reports.

The program will be offered on a short-term basis and will provide entrepreneurial training to individuals who seek to enter the business world as owners. Classes will begin in the spring 2011 quarter.… Read More

Officials added that graduates of the program will be proficient in team management, problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking.

“Sierra Nevada College is excited to offer this excellent education opportunity for adults across the country,” said Richard Rubsamen, president of the college. “Students searching for a high quality academic experience with the flexibility to meet their needs will find success through our program.”… Read More

North Carolina State’s Poole College of Management recently announced that it is now accepting applications for its new online MBA program.

Officials said that classes will begin in the fall and that the program can be completed in two years. They noted that the online curriculum follows the same academic requirements as the traditional version.… Read More

Business owners and students alike are beginning to seek ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Professionals are going back to school to refresh their skills, while adding in courses that can help them stay current in their trade. Meanwhile, new students are using online classes to supplement their school schedules so can enter the workforce faster.… Read More

A recent donation from an alumnus will allow Drexel University to construct a new building that will cater to its business school, reports BusinessWeek. The donation, which totaled $45 million, will allow the school to consolidate its business programs in one building and support 500 additional students. Furthermore, the college is developing courses that will… Read More