The University of Oklahoma reports that of the 6,000 graduate students at the college, approximately 1,750 will pursue a master’s degree on a military base, according to The Oklahoma Daily. These students may be active-duty service members or dependents of military personnel. The degree programs are taught by professors who are flown onto military bases… Read More

Students can now earn an online master’s degree in public administration from the University of Southern California’s (USC) School of Policy, Planning and Development (SPPD) after school officials announced the program will launch in the fall of 2011. The newly announced public administration program is part of the online programs lineup USC will offer next… Read More

Online education is becoming increasingly more cost-effective for universities and students alike. The demand for online degree programs continues to soar, according to a report from Pearson Learning Solutions. Meanwhile, instructors and administrators are researching new ways to help students benefit from advancements in technology. For instance, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System recently… Read More

Advanced nursing degrees are becoming more important in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, more hospitals are requiring nurses to make business decisions that affect patient outcomes, in addition to completing their established clinical and acute care duties. According to the American Sentinel University, as the current ecomony forces nursing facilities to downsize staff, more nurses are… Read More