Are you aching to start a business?  Maybe it’s time to consider an online degree in entrepreneurship to help get you grounded and knowledgeable of this risk-taking field. There are specific programs designed just for the entrepreneur at heart.  From Certificate programs to Masters Programs, you can become educated and ready to take on your… Read More

Online higher education institutions are gaining access to an increasing amount of resources as the field develops. Last week, SciQuest, a supplier management company for traditional and online schooling, announced itself as the leading provider of supply and strategic procurement solutions for online higher education. Expanding college base Thirty-eight colleges started using their services in… Read More

Rapid Expansion Northcentral University announced the expansion of it’s Scottsdale, AZ campus today, the second expansion in less than one year. The global leader in all-online education, the university opened its original campus in Scottsdale in June 2010. The enrollment center was meant to house counselors with room for future hiring, but rapid growth has… Read More

Oakes Hall, Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vermont by Jared C. Benedict

Vermont Law School (VLS) has recently launched two online master’s degree programs online: Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP) and The Master of Laws in Environmental Law (LLM). It is the nation’s first online master’s degree in environmental law. The online programs were designed for professionals who are interested in earning an advanced degree… Read More

NGCSU Color Guard

Recognizing the importance of having qualified and well-educated people working in the law enforcement field, North Georgia College & State University is now offering an online-only graduate degree program in criminal justice. The degree program was designed for those already working in the law enforcement field or students interested in entering that field. Master of… Read More

Irish higher education is taking the job market into their own hands, developing a program designed to create 6,000 new part-time higher education and training places for the unemployed. The University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and the University College Cork have all joined forces to create opportunities for the unemployed, hoping… Read More

Online education enrollment in American community colleges increased by 9 percent from Fall 2009 – Fall 2010, according to a recently released survey. An ITC study Released on Tuesday by the Instructional Technology Council, the 2010 survey called  “Trends in eLearning: Tracking the impact of eLearning at Community Colleges” measured the impact of several developments… Read More

The University of Houston Law Center by MC Lewis

The University of Houston (UH) College of Education has recently launched a new online Master’s in Higher Education program that is specifically designed for working professionals working in a college or university setting who are looking to advance their careers. University faculty felt compelled to create this program in an effort to help close the impending “leadership gap” as many baby-boom-era higher… Read More