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Marcus K. Varner, Editor-in-Chief

Marcus Varner

Marcus Varner is an expert on education and careers, having covered these topics since 2007 on He enjoys reading, watching movies, writing, designing, and working on his sites, Content and hello world!

Russell Jensen, SEO Content Editor

Russell Jensen

My name is Russell Jensen, a graduate of BYU-Idaho with a bachelors degree in communications. After college I went onto being a publisher at Palacio Magazine while being a freelance internet marketer for several small businesses and the webmaster for in the off-road parts industry. Currently, I am employed at One on One Marketing as an SEO Content Editor for In my personal time I blog about: fitness, exercises and workouts at and SEO Marketing on
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Suzanne Shaffer, Writer

Suzanne Shaffer

About the Author: Parent coach Suzanne Shaffer counsels parents in the college admissions process and the importance of early college preparation. Her Parents Countdown to College Coach blog offers timely college tips for parents. She is a regular contributor for and

Stacy Dymalski, Career Advice Writer

Stacy Dymalski

Writer and stand-up comic Stacy Dymalski blogs regularly on the flipside of business and parenting. Follow her on Twitter @StacyWriteNow. Or you can link to more of her work by going to her website. Earlier this year her book “The Vixen Chronicles” (co-written with Brandy Janke) was published and is available on

Lindsey Clair, Columnist, Moms in School

Lindsey ClairLindsey is a writer for She is happily married to her husband Ron where together they have three young daughters and have an Alaskan Malamute (Snow Dog).

Lindsey currently possesses a degree in Child Development with State Certification.  Prior to homeschooling her children she taught and assistant directed/directed preschool and early childhood programs.  She is currently the children’s director at her church where she is also active on the music team.

Lindsey’s passions in life are: blogging, reading, and her family and friends.

Ken Davis, Education News Writer

Ken Davis

Ken is a News Writer for

Brooke Brown, Education News Writer

Brooke Brown

Brooke is a News Writer for

Brenda Clemons, Education News Writer

Brenda Clemons

I am a professional writer with experience in all types of writing. I am familiar with writing website content (SEO keywords) as well as writing for magazines and newspapers. I am actively seeking my bachelor’s in professional writing at Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College. My GPA is 3.75. I am a staff writer for the news journal The National Organized Labor Journal. I write about current news that is of interest to working families with a pro union voice. I am a contributing writer to the magazine LaMode Dallas. I write fashion articles, some ad pieces and interviews. I have interviewed Anne Rice, A&E Mindfreak Star Criss Angel, and Season 3 Project Runway winner Chloe Dao. I had a very successful blog for This genre website was nominated for a VH1 Music Award in the category of best website. My first book, Jordan: Living with Autism and MCDD: A Guide for the Rest of Us, was published through a small press. As a writer I strive to be constant in developing my skills and seeking new horizons. . My goal is to be constantly improving my knowledge and writing skills.

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