So you want to start your college search. But here comes the scary part… College is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in money and time. Half of all full-time undergrads at four-year universities pay $9,000 per year for their education, not to mention room and board, transportation, and other living expenses… Read More

Every day is a new lesson. Every experience is a new subject. Every setting is a different classroom. Ask me about my degree. Ofttimes, I feel as if I am pursuing a BS (pun intended) in Single Parenting/ Savvy Business Practices/ Sales and Marketing/ Health/ Nutrition/ Fitness/ Dating?/ Pursuit of Happiness. I’m sure I can… Read More

Traditional education is brick and mortar—head off to the classroom and personally interact with teachers and other students. But with the widespread availability of the internet, traditional educations have been challenged by non-traditional approaches.… Read More

If you could call motherhood a job, I have two of the most difficult bosses around. They don’t let me get much done — yet they insist on me doing everything. They tell me what to do and throw fits if I don’t do it immediately. Their needs come first, and mine are not considered… Read More

Finding the college that fits perfectly into your list of criteria requires more than simply visiting the college’s website or talking with a representative at a college fair. To understand the strengths and the weaknesses of a college you can use statistics and numbers as part of the evaluation process. Look at the admissions rates… Read More

Frequently college students overlook a basic way they can increase their success in a college course – classroom etiquette. Interactions in the college classroom influence the instructor, impact group dynamics, and due to normal human psychology, quickly label and categorize students. Thinking back on basic middle school rules like, “plan ahead, be polite, and participate… Read More

Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. You should take charge of your college search and make it your “job” to find a place where you can get a college education that is worth the money.… Read More