The movie awards season is in full swing again and the mother of them all, the Academy Awards, is just a couple weeks away. As the education maniacs we are, we could not resist the opportunity to link college degrees to our favorite actors and actresses, namely those who have been nominated for statuettes. Hopefully… Read More

With this year’s batch of Oscar nominees, it’s time to scrutinize their early education roots. After all, these are the folks we look to as our on-screen heroes.… Read More

The Oscars have certainly become an American tradition. You and I both know how things will go, with the exception of a few surprises. However, despite our familiarity with the whole ritual, there are still some things that the public at large is still unaware of when it comes to the Oscars. So, in the spirit of education, I’ve provided some of these little known trivia.… Read More