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Only you can answer this question openly and honestly.  If you love money and are financially minded, this most definitely is something worth looking into.  Upon completion of a degree,  you can apply for excellent jobs in this field. Types of careers in Finance Financial Analyst– Financial analysts according to the wise geek on,… Read More

Harrison College recently announced that it will offer a scholarship for working moms who wish to pursue a college education, the Evansville Courier and Press reports. Officials told the news source that the new scholarship is geared toward helping women who are working or reentering the workforce and have a child under age 18 at… Read More

Pierce College has unveiled a new bachelor’s degree in accounting. This subject was previously offered as a concentration in the business school. College officials say the degree will teach students accounting principles, analytical thinking as well as math, technical and leadership skills.… Read More

In the modern business sector, many hiring managers now consider a bachelor’s degree to be a minimum requirement. Furthermore, individuals who can boast this level of education are achieving great success in certain fields, including accounting. John B. Simmons is one of these individuals, as he was recently named the chief financial officer and company… Read More

As government faces greater deficits and tries to cut the budget one of the first things to receive cuts is education. The government is facing over 12 trillion dollars in debt so the government has decided to limit the budget spent on education. As a result teachers are receiving pink slips, class sizes are getting larger because fewer classes are offered, and the cost of tuition is rising as the government pays less and the students are forced to pay more.… Read More