Accredited online colleges not only provide opportunities to young students looking to obtain an education, but to working adults as well. For example, Capella University offers a number of options catered to working professionals who are looking for a flexible class schedule to earn a degree. Sharon Beverly, a 2010 Capella graduate, is an example… Read More

This week, Franklin Adult Education in Massachusetts announced that it will begin offering a course to adults that originally had success with Franklin Public School students. The six-week program is centered around forensics, according to the Medway Country Gazette. Topics include crime scene investigation, laboratory analysis, evidence gathering as well as determining the time and… Read More

More working professionals who wish to advance their careers are returning to school to obtain their degrees as the number of flexible adult education programs rise. The University of Wisconsin in Whitewater (UW Whitewater) recently reported that it saw a 44 percent increase in the number of students aged 25years or older who enrolled for… Read More

College Graduates Needed A recent report from the Lumina Foundation indicated that approximately 4.5 million new college graduates will be needed to satisfy the American workforce demand over the next 15 years. As a result, the educational organization has launched a new project that is intended to help working adults to enroll in campus-based and… Read More

Attending college while you are raising children, serving in the military or working is challenging. Here are some ways to make life a little easier while you fulfill multiple roles in your adult life. PrioritIZE You, and others, need to know exactly what is important to you, both long term (“major themes”) and short term… Read More

Although the business industry was particularly affected by the economic downturn, job opportunities are still available for individuals who have updated their educational qualifications at campus-based or online schools. In fact, some sectors are expecting to see rapid growth in the future. Management analysis is one of these fields, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read More

Online education is essentially adult education whether over the internet or at a traditional school. It’s for individuals who are interested in improving themselves by increasing their education. They are typically beyond the traditional students’ age. However, they all want more out of their lives. Generally, the students interested in continuing online education are enrolled… Read More

If you are returning or going to school for the first time, you are not alone. Scores of retirees are returning to school and hitting the books. They have decided it’s never too late to learn. … Read More

Many students today are finishing their college degree in three years in order to save thousands of dollars. Students report that this takes discipline, a clear study plan, and nine times out of ten a lot of advanced credits (AP) from high school.… Read More