Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar winner and former American Idol runner-up. She lives in Chicago, but according to some sources, she has not set foot inside her house since late October. The reason, as most of you have heard, is because on October 24 her mother and brother were slain inside the home, while her nephew was found a few days later in an abandoned car. It is hard to imagine that Hudson had tried to persuade her family to move out of the very violent area in Chicago, but her mother said no.… Read More

The conclusion of last night’s American Idol Results Show found two African-Americans and one Hispanic in the bottom three. Almost as a knee-jerk reaction, cries went up across the internet of racism, discrimination, and manipulation by white producers. Statistically speaking, the show is no more discriminatory against African-Americans than it is against Anglo-Americans. … Read More

Why can’t we just send them home? You know who I’m talking about- that handful of contestants who are a tier below the rest. I’ve narrowed it down to one solitary problem: Americans hate feedback. Check out these five tips become a better feedbacker.… Read More