Nowadays, the prolonged recession and subsequent shortage of jobs has led many to gripe about how bachelors degrees must not be as valuable as they used to be. Some even wonder if bachelors degrees are so common that they’ve become devalued, diluted, and now occupy the spot that was once reserved for high school diplomas.… Read More

For any working person who has not earned a bachelors degree yet, there comes a moment when they realize that-with the exception of a few career fields-their upward movement and promotions have started to slow down, dry up, or run out altogether. Although many fields don’t experience this as much, most of them do. Call… Read More

For all the money that students pay to earn their bachelors degrees, many wonder if it is worth it. Add to that all the time that must be invested in earning said degree, and some people have some serious doubts. Will they really make more money after earning a bachelor’s degree than they would’ve otherwise?… Read More

You might be debating if you want to apply for a nursing program. While you have probably looked at the Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) versus the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), as well as costs and maybe at the number of students that are admitted into the program each year at the school… Read More

When you are considering going for a bachelors degree, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is how you will pay for it, because, face it, all four of those years of bachelors degree education does not come cheap. Fortunately, bachelors degree-holders have more financial aid available to them than any other… Read More

Many of us have heard the adage that unless you want to flip burgers your whole life, you have got to go to college. While the avenues have opened a bit beyond fast food work for those who do not get a degree, it is true that in many instances, in the competitive job market… Read More