career fair moms

You may be thinking to yourself right about now: “How can a job fair truly benefit me?” If the truth be told, job fairs actually have an abundance of information from different companies that will allow you to submit your resume and establish contacts. It sounds so much better than going around from place to place submitting your resume and waiting for a follow-up. At least at a job fair you can check out what is available first.

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The hardest part about having your kid home sick is figuring out how to be in two places at once: at home nursing your child back to health, and at work earning a living. So in honor of cold and flu being just around the corner, we give you five tips to help you figure out how to take care of a sick child while maintaining a career.… Read More

When looking for a new job, salary is a big consideration. Now with both employers and employees watching their pennies, the topic of salary comes up sooner than later in the interview process. So to help you navigate the murky waters of humbly asking for more money, we give you five tips on how to negotiate a better salary.… Read More