Today’s blog post from MintLife is a refreshing piece of advice and one which reminds of something my accounting professor once told me. In the post, blogger Matthew Amster-Burton says: “Recently a reporter asked me for financial advice for new college graduates. What I came up with was nothing new: the best financial move a… Read More

Budgeting Money

After graduating from college there is a reality that one must  face, especially if there are student loans that must be paid off in the days ahead.  It may be easier for a young college student with no other responsibilities such as raising a family, but what about moms or dads?  Let’s face it we have bills to pay,… Read More

associate degree

Students all over the country are facing tough economic times as tuition and school fees are increasing nationwide. With budgets being cut and schools being forced to take drastic measures, many students are turning to online education.… Read More

The awful truth that should be dawning on us right now is that the institutions we trust to provide us with stability and prosperity are flawed and frail. When it comes down to it, we cannot rely on government, companies, banks, or markets to save us, as much as we’ve come to depend on them. Who can we rely on? Ourselves.… Read More