Penn State Blue Band and Color Guard by Ben Stanfield

Penn State now has an online degree program created for engineers looking to move into management roles. Penn State’s new online master of engineering management program will equip experienced engineers with the business and technical skills they need to be effective managers of complex engineering projects. “Engineering students generally do not learn about business in… Read More

If you are a mom and have never been to college but want to, there are so many opportunities available to you. It is so easy to get intimidated but in all reality you can achieve your goals and dreams if you really strive for them.

You may be thinking to yourself; “Yes, I want to return to school to better myself and my career but I don’t know what area of study to pursue.” Might I suggest considering some sort of Associate Degree in specialized business, Specialized Technology or even Specialized Teacher-Education.

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Baldwin-Wallace College, which is located in Ohio recently announced the launch of an hybrid MBA degree program that is set to begin next fall, reports NewsWise. The curriculum is the school's first web-based offering. College officials told the news source that students can complete the program within two years. Furthermore, the coursework utilizes the same… Read More

According to the News Observer, North Carolina-based universities are offering online MBA degree programs geared toward busy professionals. Duke University, East Carolina University (ECU) and North Carolina State University (NCSU) are among the schools that offer these courses of study through online and hybrid formats. Officials at Duke University told the news source that students… Read More

Ashford University recently announced the launching of a new bachelor’s degree in business to give students a foundation in the practices of personnel management, and to lay the necessary groundwork for supervisory roles within the profession. The bachelor’s degree in business leadership is designed for undergraduate students who will proceed to a master’s program upon… Read More

Southern Oregon University (SOU) will begin offering online classes for its bachelor’s degree in business administration starting next year, reports Ashland Daily Tidings. College officials told the news source that the cost and content of the degree is identical to its campus-based programs on the same topic. The courses are designed for members the working… Read More

Post University and the Waterbury Regional Chamber (WGR) have announced a partnership to update the school’s online MBA degree program. This course of study will allow local business leaders to develop projects that are designed to meet specific needs of the community. The degree program is designed to focus on creativity, innovation and leadership and… Read More