Everyone knows that getting a college degree can be academically demanding for students. However, not all degree programs are created equal, as some areas of study are far more challenging than others. While you should not choose your college major by the difficulty or the ease of its coursework, you should know what you’re getting… Read More

Earning a college degree is crucial to ensuring career success. However, these days, you do not have to travel thousands of miles to attend school. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you have probably noticed that college classes (and the degrees they lead to) can be taken online, as… Read More

You would be hard-pressed to find a business degree-seeker who has not thought about how much money they might be making after graduation. Sort of like how English students dream about the Pulitzer-winner they’re going to write. With the fluctuations in the economy of the last five years, salaries for business degree-earners have had their… Read More

It’s official, you have finally made the decision to return to school but you are starting to see dollar signs dance around your head. Don’t get discouraged from achieving your dreams and goals.  You know that you most definitely do not want to get a student loan and scholarships are sometimes hard to come by.  What if your… Read More

There has been a good bit of discussion lately on the blogs, online newspapers, and educational websites about Georgetown University’s study: What’s it Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors. The study outlines college majors, their popularity, and their earning potential after graduation. If you are trying to decide on a specific career path and… Read More

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Taking care of a family while a significant other is overseas is taxing for many people. As a result, colleges are beginning to offer scholarship programs in an effort to help alleviate the financial burden from higher education costs for military spouses. For instance, the New England College of Business (NECB), which offers online degree… Read More

Southern Illinois University recently announced the launch of a new online bachelors degree completion program, which will begin next fall, Southern Business Journal reports. Officials told the news source that the bachelor's degree in business completion program consists of 60 credit hours of coursework in finance, management and marketing. Furthermore, the curriculum includes 10 content… Read More