If you are getting your bachelors degree, we have one huge piece of advice: get yourself a mentor. From college campuses to boardrooms, everybody talks about mentors. Ask someone successful what their secret is and they will likely mention that they had great mentors to help them along the way. When you’re in your undergraduate… Read More

Education degrees are not as one-dimensional as they used to be. What used to be one degree designed to prepare students to lead classrooms of their own has now blossomed into a vast field with multiple levels and specializations. Some education degrees, especially at the bachelor’s degree level, are the more traditional sort. But others… Read More

Nowadays, the prolonged recession and subsequent shortage of jobs has led many to gripe about how bachelors degrees must not be as valuable as they used to be. Some even wonder if bachelors degrees are so common that they’ve become devalued, diluted, and now occupy the spot that was once reserved for high school diplomas.… Read More

For any working person who has not earned a bachelors degree yet, there comes a moment when they realize that-with the exception of a few career fields-their upward movement and promotions have started to slow down, dry up, or run out altogether. Although many fields don’t experience this as much, most of them do. Call… Read More

If you have looked at the number of nursing jobs out there lately, you might have had a question pop into your head: how do I get that job? With higher than average job growth (27%) and strong median salaries, the nursing field is an attractive one. A potential shortage of caregivers in the future… Read More

At Strayer University (or any other school, for that matter), advisors are quick to tell you that degree programs alone cannot make a successful career. While that is true, it is also true that degrees are usually an essential part of a successful, stable career. Such was the case with Felicia Blow, 2009 Strayer MBA… Read More

Doctorate degrees have always had an air of eliteness about them, what with the doctor title and all. Indeed, doctorate degrees represent the highest level of achievement in our modern education system. But not all careers for doctorate degree-holders are equal. For the extra years in school, some yield a far greater return on investment… Read More