According to a study released by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, in May 2011, only 56% of college graduates in 2010 were able to find a job after graduation, as compared to the 90% of graduates from the 2006/2007 class. This statistic alone shows the sign of how hard… Read More

Bryant & Stratton College, one of the leading higher education schools for online associate’s degrees, is hosting a free webinar series about post-graduation career opportunities for existing and prospective students throughout the month of April. The classes will be lead by Kim Dority, an experienced speaker who has presented at numerous career conferences using her… Read More

Spring is almost here – and it is the season of our discontent. And by that I mean women in the working world. And if you’re not there yet as a student, you soon will be. And if you’re like me, you will be surprised by the recent results of a survey of female professionals… Read More

If you’re a math geek or a science nerd, you probably aspire for careers that can utilize your skills and provide you with mental stimulation. Apple, Google and Microsoft are always looking for bright, talented experts to join their companies. Imagine working for these three innovators in their specific areas of expertise. Planning ahead and… Read More

Resuming Career

Whether you have been home raising your children for years, months, or weeks, the thought of returning back to work is very disheartening since a strong bond was formed from the very beginning. Don’t fret, you are not alone. I have been in this boat three times and it was very difficult to go back every single time. The tears that were shed could probably flood a single room. It’s tough but you can do it.

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Grantham University, which is an online school, recently announced the addition of two new business-related programs to its degree offerings. The school will be offering a bachelors of business administration in human resource management and masters in business intelligence. “As part of the university’s mission, we are constantly seeking out new degree program opportunities for… Read More

Okay, so maybe you are feeling stuck in a rut in your current job right? I totally get it and have been there. A change in careers might be in the cards for you at this point but which career are you qualified to do? Maybe you are considering going back to school to pursue a specific career, one that you have been putting off for far too long. I say go for it! It’s never too late to start shooting for your dreams, and this means your career choice.

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This month, a new book to be released, Closing America’s Job Gap, suggests that there is a disparity between the good jobs being created by innovation and the lack of American workers with the right skills to fill those jobs. According to Mary Walshok, a thought leader on career reinvention and the new innovation economy,… Read More