college letter of recommendation

At most top-tier schools, you will be required to get letters of recommendation as part of your application. And it makes sense: they want to know more about you than grades and scores and they cannot just go on your word alone. With this important step standing between you and that coveted acceptance letter, this… Read More

how to write college letter of recommendation

To make sure your letter of recommendation hits all the right notes, you will want to coach them and give them the information they need to make it a home run. What information should you give them? Funny you should ask. We have a list five things below that you will want to highlight in your letter recommendation…… Read More

does high school gpa matter in college admissions

Depending on how dedicated you were in high school, you either stressed over every A minus or you didn’t even look at your report cards. Now you want to get into a good college. Depending on which schools you’re applying to, your high school GPA may make or break your chances of getting accepted.… Read More

what to know before you talk to an enrollment specialist

So you’re at home. You’ve expressed interest in a few schools. Maybe you’ve requested more information or you’ve stopped by their office. Suddenly, the phone rings. It’s an enrollment specialist, and they want to talk to you about attending their school. First, take a deep breath. Second, get your thoughts straight. Most likely, if they’re… Read More

Let’s pretend that, after attending preparation courses and preparing for weeks, you’ve just gotten your ACT or SAT score back–and they aren’t pretty. In fact, let’s say they’re below the average accepted scores for the university you want. Your chances of attending your dream school are squashed, right? You might as well just consign yourself… Read More

iphone apps to apply for college

Colleges are recognizing the need to embrace the age of hand held technology and have begun to create apps for prospective and current students to help them navigate the college maze more effectively using their iPhone, Droid or other smartphone. Campus Maps Many colleges are creating apps to be used during campus tours and to… Read More