Feeling like a stranger in your college classes? According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the demographics of who is attending college has been shifting over the years, and college classes look different than they used to. Check out the following statistics on who is attending college these days, and for what reasons. Who Are… Read More

The ethnicity of a person and the likelihood they will attend college has always gone hand-in-hand. Caucasians, for example, college attendance numbers are much higher than Hispanics or African-Americans. Primarily, this relates to the income level of the households that these children come from, but it is not the only factor. With the economic downturn,… Read More

According to a Cornell University study, the plummeting value of homes is having an adverse affect on the number of students that are heading off to college. The head of the study, economist Michael Lovenheim, found that the steady decline of housing prices is reducing the overall wealth of parents, which is also prohibiting parents… Read More