As a mom that has gone back to school in the past and planning on returning in the future I can honestly say I have heard just a few negative comments regarding this decision.  Not to myself directly but to moms in school in general.  Here is one comment that made me cringe and may make you cringe as… Read More

Okay moms, I urge you not to become a college dropout.  Maybe you dropped out once and are returning but don’t stay out of the college loop.  Pursue that degree you have been talking about for so long. You can do it! I thought I would take a slightly different angle and display a list… Read More

Have you ever wondered if a college education is worth it? Have you asked yourself whether or not college is an important ingredient in success? Most people believe that college can serve many purposes besides an education. Some site life experiences, networking for business contacts, and gaining social skills as just a few; but with… Read More

Do you have college credit from multiple schools and wish you could pool them together to count toward one degree? Turns out maybe you can. Many online universities now offer bachelors degrees in liberal arts without requiring you to take all your previous classes over. Check out the new and improved degree without a major.… Read More

If you are a mom currently in college or considering returning, you are most likely dreaming of the day that you will participate in your college graduation while receiving your degree.  This dream is definitely not impossible and can become reality if you just keep going forward and working hard towards your goals. If you… Read More


If you’re about to graduate from college this spring, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find a job. But with today’s news of 216,000 new hires added in March and unemployment falling to 8.8%, things are looking up for June’s college grads. Here are four reasons why your college degree really was worth all that time and money.… Read More

What’s your major? Haven’t decided yet? That’s okay, as a busy mom returning to school this can become a very overwhelming decision as there are so many majors to choose from.

FYI: There is ten popular college majors continuously trending out there and maybe, just maybe one of them is waiting for you to jump on board. Let’s take a look
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With the rising cost of college tuition over the last two years a student is now expected to pay over $7,000 a year (on average) for the privilege of attending the public halls of higher learning. Here are some creative ways you can get around these ghastly tuition hikes without going eyeball deep into debt.… Read More

Careers in tourism and event planning are on the rise. How is that possible with the economy in such a slump? Read on to find out why in 2011 tourism is one of the hottest new college majors that leads to a lucrative and FUN career.… Read More