The movie awards season is in full swing again and the mother of them all, the Academy Awards, is just a couple weeks away. As the education maniacs we are, we could not resist the opportunity to link college degrees to our favorite actors and actresses, namely those who have been nominated for statuettes. Hopefully… Read More

Have you ever wondered if a college education is worth it? Have you asked yourself whether or not college is an important ingredient in success? Most people believe that college can serve many purposes besides an education. Some site life experiences, networking for business contacts, and gaining social skills as just a few; but with… Read More

Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. You should take charge of your college search and make it your “job” to find a place where you can get a college education that is worth the money.… Read More

With so much talk about SAT scores, GPA’s and stellar essays, many forget that college is about finding that “perfect fit”. It’s great to get accepted to a top-tiered university or an Ivy League college, but if you’re there just for the notoriety on your resume you’re totally missing the point. … Read More

Even though the market isn’t quite as tough right now as it was during the peak of the recession, it’s still difficult particularly for new grads. They generally have little experience and their relying on the knowledge and skills that they learned in college to help them get the job. But the problem is that there are many individuals that have both a college degree and experience that are also competing for the same jobs. New grads are going to have to expand their searches if they’re going to find a job. It’s now necessary for individuals to search out of state.… Read More

Even though people have won money on these TV game shows it isn’t very likely. So stop dreaming and actually do something that can help yourself earn more money. One of those ways is by going to school and earning a degree. Because you most likely will learn a lot more by improving yourself and working hard than you will by dreaming about becoming rich while watching the television.… Read More

Harriet Richardson Ames dreamed of earning a bachelor’s degree in education. And she finally did it nearly three weeks after her 100th birthday. The woman had been a school teacher but never received her degree but she finally received her diploma and then passed away the next day.… Read More