For decades, community college has been the starting point for students earning a college education. For students that cannot afford to pay the tuition costs for a four-year university right after high school graduation, the local community college offers a lower cost option for getting their education on its way. In spite of community colleges… Read More

Apparently, a lot of students choose colleges because of the weather, because it’s where their boyfriend/girlfriend is going or other reasons that have nothing to do with the education the college provides. While you may not realize it as a high school junior or senior, when you choose a college, you should choose it for… Read More

As a mom that has gone back to school in the past and planning on returning in the future I can honestly say I have heard just a few negative comments regarding this decision.  Not to myself directly but to moms in school in general.  Here is one comment that made me cringe and may make you cringe as… Read More

Military Student

Juggling a full schedule of responsibilities and facing the obstacle of limited funds, members of the military often find it difficult to simultaneously complete their undergraduate degree. Yet receiving a diploma is beneficial for many military personnel, helping them advance their military career or get a  jump start into  another field of interest. The rise… Read More

Harrison College recently announced that it will offer a scholarship for working moms who wish to pursue a college education, the Evansville Courier and Press reports. Officials told the news source that the new scholarship is geared toward helping women who are working or reentering the workforce and have a child under age 18 at… Read More

So you want to start your college search. But here comes the scary part… College is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in money and time. Half of all full-time undergrads at four-year universities pay $9,000 per year for their education, not to mention room and board, transportation, and other living expenses… Read More

Colleges promise to prepare us for the job market, help us find satisfying careers related to our majors, expand our knowledge, and give us the guarantee of being a well-rounded individual upon graduation. These are all lofty aspirations and valid reasons to pursue a higher education. But, many attend college for all the wrong reasons.… Read More

Have you ever wondered why you should go to college? The #1 answer most people give is job-related: college will help them secure a well-paying job after graduation. But is that the only reason (or even the best reason) to go to college? Considering the current trend and economic climate, there should be some other… Read More

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