Maybe it’s the late nights, the lack of sleep, or the tendency to abuse substances at traditional colleges and universities. Or you could write it off to students who clearly have too much time on their hands for their own. Or it could be, as many students and faculty believe, that the spirits of the… Read More

On October 3, 2011, the iPad will be a whopping 18 months old. Hard to believe, since it seems like the cute little device has been around forever, mainly because it quickly wormed its way into our collective consciousness faster than the pet rock. When it first came out Apple claimed that the iPad would… Read More

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When you start the college search process it’s easy to become overwhelmed and focus completely on the task at hand. First there are the visits, then you compare colleges, then you begin working on the applications that include the essay, and finally completing the FAFSA to qualify for financial aid. With all these tasks at… Read More

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Many colleges welcome parent involvement and work hard to provide open avenues of communication. Recently, colleges have been utilizing online resources and social media to communicate with parents and help them with questions and concerns related to the college admissions process. Once the students are accepted, the colleges continue the relationship by providing parents with… Read More

Women are officially kicking boys’ butts in the classroom. The women now make up a majority of college students. Meanwhile, growing numbers of boys are struggling to meet minimum requirements from elementary to high school. What is causing this trend? What does it mean for the future?… Read More

If you ask me, lame mascots really get your team off on the wrong foot in the intimidation department. I hereby petition, in the interest of the sports teams that must be represented by these sorry ambassadors, that these mascots be removed and replaced by something cool. Check out these five lamest college mascots ever.… Read More

One need only look to the recent drug bust at San Diego State to see that discipline, higher learning, and character are out the window. College has become a big party. Colleges put students through rigorous admission processes only to let them run rampant once they get there. … Read More

Despite all the hardships required, my mind craves the thrill of learning, discovering, and being challenged. I enjoy talking with really smart people and talking about theories and philosophies, the kinds of conversation you won’t find in the workplace. Education has become a stimulant to me. It has become addictive.… Read More

That’s right- I unearthed more weirdness than I could fit into one article. Thus, I am writing a sequel. You might be a member of one of these clubs. Or you might just be the hopelessly bland, normal kid who ridicules them. Regardless, these five strange clubs are but a sampling.
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