The silent film classic “The Freshman” opens by describing the fictional Tate University as “a large football stadium… with a college attached.” Indeed, college athletics are often maligned as an elaborate, and disproportionately large, fundraiser for colleges and universities. But behind all the glitz and marketing that swarm around college sports, they are also a… Read More

Google the term ‘college‘ in March and you are likely to get a ton of search results about the NCAA basketball tournament, affectionately referred to as March Madness. It triggers office brackets and binge basketball viewing, even during work hours. In short, it pretty much takes over American culture. If you aren’t familiar with March… Read More

Yep, it is that time again! Time to get your March Madness bracket together and see how well you fare against your friends and co-workers. Although the nation’s best men’s college basketball teams will meet for their chance at championship glory, only one will demonstrate its superiority in the end. Their name will be hung… Read More

In order to debunk myths and stereotypes about college athletes being “less intelligent” than other college students I would like to point out that earning a degree while becoming a legendary sports superstar isn’t a walk in the park. Obtaining just ONE of those two feats is daunting to the majority of the world. Thanks… Read More

Americans absolutely love college sports, particularly football. Since it’s that time of year again here are 5 of the best college football movies of all time. All of them are a must see and they show the hard work and dedication behind a football teams struggles.… Read More

Whether you’re an athlete or a non-athlete, we’ve all seen it (or heard about it) before: The rumor that college athletes get an easier A than everyone else. With free tutoring, permission slips to miss tons of class, and make-up tests that might not be as difficult as the real test, many students believe that college athletes have it easy when it comes to college education.… Read More

The best places to watch a college game are those that have enough space for everyone who wants to attend, yet at the same time are crowded enough to provide all the jostling, cheering elbow-to-elbow excitement fans expect.… Read More

If you ask me, lame mascots really get your team off on the wrong foot in the intimidation department. I hereby petition, in the interest of the sports teams that must be represented by these sorry ambassadors, that these mascots be removed and replaced by something cool. Check out these five lamest college mascots ever.… Read More