Most college students have spring break on the mind right now. But once you return from your much deserved and much anticipated break, you should do some much needed spring cleaning. Before you begin the last few weeks of college and head into the summer, think about how you can eliminate waste, spruce up your… Read More

Did you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to be looking for a job? In fact, any industry that operates on a fiscal year that ends in June or July starts looking for new staff just about when spring break begins. Check out these four industries that do the bulk of their hiring in the spring.… Read More

University of California (UC) at Irvine recently announced the launch of a new virtual teacher certificate program, which will be offered online. The program is designed to help provide professional instructors with the systematic planning and adaption of an online curriculum for K-12 learners as well as college students. "With traditional schools facing fewer resources… Read More

The academic year 2008-09, saw the greatest rise in foreign students in America. There were approximately 671,616 students attending U.S. institutions. It used to be that most students that came to study in the U.S. were pursuing graduate degrees. However, now the numbers of undergraduate international students are rising and most of them are from China. The number of Chinese undergrads rose by 60 percent and the number of undergrad students rose by 11 percent.… Read More

For students that are leaving home and moving out of state to go to school, there are quite a few bonuses awaiting students. Many airlines offer deals to students that are flying to school. Make sure that you check out airlines and their fees because in the fall they generally have better deals that are aimed at college students and their parents.… Read More

Tips for choosing a school include making sure that an expensive institution is right for you. Have a financial plan ready that goes beyond the first year. Have realistic expectations and really consider your options. Choose a degree that you are going to stick with; or else you will spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out what you want to do and retaking classes.… Read More

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