Do you think higher education is due for a make-over? The fact alone that tuition has increased 600 percent since 1980 should be an indication that the system is broken. Honestly, how long can we continue down that road before college is completely out of reach for anyone other than the top one percent of… Read More

Typically a rite of passage when applying to college is taking one of the standardized college entrance exams, usually the SAT or ACT. Historically when you took the SAT (which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test) you were taking what was officially called the SAT I. SAT II were the specialized tests you could add on… Read More

According to a Cornell University study, the plummeting value of homes is having an adverse affect on the number of students that are heading off to college. The head of the study, economist Michael Lovenheim, found that the steady decline of housing prices is reducing the overall wealth of parents, which is also prohibiting parents… Read More

It’s no secret that the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, which means luxuries must often go by the wayside. But what is considered a luxury? Prior to 2008 getting a college degree, for example, was as common for the middle class as going to high school. But now that the middle… Read More

Okay moms, I urge you not to become a college dropout.  Maybe you dropped out once and are returning but don’t stay out of the college loop.  Pursue that degree you have been talking about for so long. You can do it! I thought I would take a slightly different angle and display a list… Read More

According to Jean Keller, who is a college expert and creator of the Smart Plan For College Systemâ„¢, only about 50% of college students successfully complete their freshman year. Various reasons contribute to why individual students do not complete the first year of college, but one of the primary reasons is that students simply are… Read More

It is the time of year when student loan and grant refunds are issued. Most students will receive refunds worth hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 suggestions on how to responsibly spend yours. Keep it in your college. Student refunds are automatically mailed out to the student. But you don’t have to have it this… Read More