Spring Colleges

To kick off the spring season, I thought it would be fun to look at a few colleges with the word “spring” in the title.  Not only is this amusing but it is very informational since one of these colleges may be of interest to you. Colleges Titled “Spring“ Spring Hill College Spring Arbor University… Read More

Lawmakers and universities are working together to offer more low-cost degree options for college students. As part of this proposal, colleges are seeking ways to provide curriculum that allows them to enroll more students. For many, they have turned to online courses as a means to delivering this to enrollees.… Read More

In an effort to help students graduate faster and become professionals in their field of study, universities and colleges are offering winter and summer courses. However, recently colleges have begun to offer more courses online for students to take while at home between semesters. Gloucester County College (GCC), located in New Jersey, is one higher… Read More

Have you ever wondered why you should go to college? The #1 answer most people give is job-related: college will help them secure a well-paying job after graduation. But is that the only reason (or even the best reason) to go to college? Considering the current trend and economic climate, there should be some other… Read More

Some of these mistakes might be “no-brainers”. But you might be surprised at how many college applicants make them and how often they affect the outcome of the final acceptance decisions. Don’t make these ten crucial college-planning mistakes!… Read More

Finding the college that fits perfectly into your list of criteria requires more than simply visiting the college’s website or talking with a representative at a college fair. To understand the strengths and the weaknesses of a college you can use statistics and numbers as part of the evaluation process. Look at the admissions rates… Read More

Frequently college students overlook a basic way they can increase their success in a college course – classroom etiquette. Interactions in the college classroom influence the instructor, impact group dynamics, and due to normal human psychology, quickly label and categorize students. Thinking back on basic middle school rules like, “plan ahead, be polite, and participate… Read More

Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. You should take charge of your college search and make it your “job” to find a place where you can get a college education that is worth the money.… Read More

With so much talk about SAT scores, GPA’s and stellar essays, many forget that college is about finding that “perfect fit”. It’s great to get accepted to a top-tiered university or an Ivy League college, but if you’re there just for the notoriety on your resume you’re totally missing the point. … Read More