American community colleges don’t get nearly as much attention as its four-year colleges and universities. They don’t get ranked by big name magazines. They don’t have any nationally broadcast bowl games for their football teams. And when they provide online courses, no one makes any noise about it. And yet, 45% of all undergraduate students… Read More

Search for a Phoenix University and you’ll get more results than you bargained for. Of course, there’s that Phoenix University (see below). But there are eleven other fine institutions of higher learning in the Phoenix, Arizona, area that you might or might not know about. 1. University of Phoenix Founded in 1976, the University of… Read More

Online education enrollment in American community colleges increased by 9 percent from Fall 2009 – Fall 2010, according to a recently released survey. An ITC study Released on Tuesday by the Instructional Technology Council, the 2010 survey called  “Trends in eLearning: Tracking the impact of eLearning at Community Colleges” measured the impact of several developments… Read More

Many community colleges and universities are entering articulation agreements in order to allow students in high-demand fields to transfer from a two-year school to a bachelors degree-granting institution. Under these agreements, community colleges are often able to offer the university's courses on their own campus, which allows students to stay closer to home while they… Read More

According to the the Pew Research Center, community colleges enroll nearly 6 million students per year, which accounts for 44 percent of all U.S. undergraduates. These institutions offer a cost-effective way of earning an associates degree and transferring general education credits into a specialized four-year program.… Read More

According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, web-based enrollment figures have risen by 1 million students since 2009. As part of this trend, schools are reporting that record numbers of people are attending nontraditional classes nationwide. Spartanburg Community College in South Carolina, has announced that enrollment in the school has grown by 22… Read More

Many universities are beginning to collaborate with community colleges in an effort to give working professionals a way to upgrade their degree while they hold a full-time job. Meanwhile, others are using these smaller schools as satellite sites for their hybrid courses, which allows them access to classroom and equipment while they retain their faculty… Read More