My brother is a geek, nerd, whatever word you want to use for someone who loves computers. This guy pretty much could write any program you wanted back in the day when people actually tried to program their own computers. He was great at video games, amazing with Excel and other spreadsheets. You get my… Read More

Mercer County Community College (MCCC) recently announced that students can now register for spring semester classes that will begin at the end of February, reports.

Officials told the news providers that students can take courses on subjects such as business, education, children’s literature, philosophy, psychology, history, computers and sociology, among others. Furthermore, these classes are offered on campus and online through the school’s virtual college.… Read More

Planned layoffs at tech companies rose in 2009 and hit the highest level in four years. Tech sector employers announced that over 174,000 jobs were cut in 2009 alone. And this is a 12.3% increase which is the highest since 2008, and the highest total since 2005.… Read More

Federal authorities busted eight people from Russia, Moldova, and Estonia for what authorities are calling “one of the most sophisticated computer hacking rings in the world.” The ring was able to successfully steal $9 million in less than 12 hours by hacking into payroll debit card information last November.… Read More

Between November and May of last year the Radisson Hotels and Resorts computer systems were accessed without authorization. This affects an unknown amount of people. The Radisson reported that it has informed customers about the situtation and that guest information could possibly have been accessed, which included credit card numbers.… Read More

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