In an effort to increase enrollment numbers in online education courses, officials at Purdue University recently announced plans to expand the university’s distance-learning program. Purdue student enrollments in online-learning classes totaled about 8,200 in 2009-2010, with 35 percent in courses originating on the Purdue campus. The university is working hard to augment those numbers. “Our… Read More

University of California (UC) at Irvine recently announced the launch of a new virtual teacher certificate program, which will be offered online. The program is designed to help provide professional instructors with the systematic planning and adaption of an online curriculum for K-12 learners as well as college students. "With traditional schools facing fewer resources… Read More

Officials from Sanford-Brown, which is an education provider, recently announced its Community Link program. Community Link is a membership-based suite of on-campus and online resource giving students at more than 30 schools in the U.S. web-based test preparation tools and alumni access to continuing education activities. Officials added that this program will provide enrollees with… Read More

Although the business industry was particularly affected by the economic downturn, job opportunities are still available for individuals who have updated their educational qualifications at campus-based or online schools. In fact, some sectors are expecting to see rapid growth in the future. Management analysis is one of these fields, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read More

Continuing education is defined as educational programs or courses that take place after traditional secondary education (aka high school). It’s for individuals that are interested in learning but are past the traditional undergraduate college or university age. Generally the students interested in continuing education are enrolled in degree-seeking or professional development courses on a part-time… Read More

Adults want their education to be relevant to their specific needs. What they are learning must be applicable to their job, values or other responsibilities. Once they see the relevancy in their learning, adults want to create goals for their education. They will desire to see the path that leads them from the beginning to… Read More