The purpose of a business is to supply a commodity or service to all who find it useful. The demand, in essence, creates the business. If you see a need that is going unmet, can you think of a way to invent a product or aid that will address that specific need? … Read More

Service-based businesses are presented with a unique challenge. Services are all about customer satisfaction. If a customer isn’t happy, they will usually move on – especially if the service provided is an ongoing one. Such companies include cell phone service providers, internet service providers, website statistic services, marketing firms, personal fitness trainers, lawn care or… Read More

Businesses that offer services as opposed to products are usually extremely conscientious of customer satisfaction. If a company’s services are ongoing services, this is especially the case. Continued business from current customers is the lifeblood of most service-based companies. Service-based businesses offer many kinds of services including everything from web hosting to travel arrangements, to… Read More