New Years is a time for resolutions and a time to reflect on your life in the past year. Some people are happy with their life but many want to improve and change themselves. Usually everyone tries a new diet or exercise plan and thinks about the trips they want to take, or the new job they want to find. But the fact is a lot of this is dependent on what you do in the next year. In 2010, consider improving your life by earning a degree.… Read More

Women are officially kicking boys’ butts in the classroom. The women now make up a majority of college students. Meanwhile, growing numbers of boys are struggling to meet minimum requirements from elementary to high school. What is causing this trend? What does it mean for the future?… Read More

Utilizing education resources can help you make the most of your education. Educational tools can also help you learn more effectively, making it easier to perform well on exams and other tests. Visual resources, online educational resources and other types of education tools are all available to you. Education is a healthy endeavor. An important… Read More

We thought it would be worthwhile to look at the educational backgrounds for some of Hollywood’s most influential stars. How many of them can match the characters they play? How many of them are actually qualified to speak to the complex and multi-faceted problems that afflict the globe? See who makes the grade.… Read More

Amy’s favorite part of taking classes online was the fact that she could take a break from studying to care for her newborn whenever she wanted. She could feed her baby, put her down for a nap, care for her other two children, and then go back to class while sitting in the comfort of her own living room.… Read More

One of the best ways to subsidize your college education is by obtaining a scholarship. When applying for scholarships, you should keep in mind the criteria that selection committees use in awarding scholarships.… Read More

A recent article in The New York Times reported that community colleges are no longer a last resort for underachieving or unmotivated students. On the contrary, more and more community colleges are becoming an attractive alternative to students looking to earn their core academic credit at a significantly reduced cost before transferring to a four-year school to complete their bachelor’s degree.… Read More

Trying to decide where to go to school? If so, make sure you consider whether the school is properly accredited. Accreditation helps to ensure that schools are of high quality and that their degrees will be accepted by potential employers. Listed below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to accreditation and accreditation agencies.… Read More

The number and nature of college degrees are as diverse as the people who get them. They come in different sizes — associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral — and in scores of different subjects. So how do you choose the right degree for you? Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself.… Read More