Face it, most of us who have even thought about a graduate degree generally fall into two categories: those of us who want to earn more money and therefore are willing and committed enough to go back to school; and those of us whose career goals require the further education, such as a doctor, counselor,… Read More

Doctorate degrees have always had an air of eliteness about them, what with the doctor title and all. Indeed, doctorate degrees represent the highest level of achievement in our modern education system. But not all careers for doctorate degree-holders are equal. For the extra years in school, some yield a far greater return on investment… Read More

The Georgia Southern University School of Nursing recently announced that it was awarded nearly $800,000 in grants, which are intended to help address the nationwide shortage of nursing faculty, reports the school's website. Officials told on the website that the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration awarded the college with a three-year grant for $792,000… Read More