Instead of putting out yet another tired reiteration of a “recession-proof” job list, I’m going to give you a list of jobs people will always need. If things got as bad as they could get, these five jobs would be the last to go. Considering our circumstances, that’s some decent insurance.… Read More

2 out of 6 of their so-called “recession-proof” jobs actually were. One of those is at risk. That’s a 33 percent batting average at best. Not good odds. Funny thing? I haven’t been able to find any “recession-proof” job lists for 2009. Check out this list and see which ones are actually doing as well as predicted.… Read More

The California state government will begin laying off 20,000 government workers starting today in an effort to respond to falling tax revenues and a $42-billion budget deficit. So, it’s time to face the facts: government jobs are not secure. Government jobs, in the end, are paid for with taxpayer money. When a recession hits, taxpayer money goes down. The result: government jobs are just as vulnerable as other jobs. It just takes a little while longer.… Read More

The awful truth that should be dawning on us right now is that the institutions we trust to provide us with stability and prosperity are flawed and frail. When it comes down to it, we cannot rely on government, companies, banks, or markets to save us, as much as we’ve come to depend on them. Who can we rely on? Ourselves.… Read More