Ironically, the slump in the economy has motivated people to re-examine their work situations (even if they’re still employed) to figure out if they’re in the right jobs in the first place. But in doing so you have to be careful to determine between a temporary unpleasant work environment (due to the economy) or the need to jump ship and find a new career. Here are four questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you’re currently in the right career.… Read More

During these tough economic times, everyone is finding ways to cut costs. Pinching pennies and forgoing that latte can add up, but what about paying less for those college expenses: tuition, room and board, books, and meals. Until our economy picks up and catches up with the rising cost of tuition, parents and students need… Read More

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Looking for work? You might want to consider these four industries that offer good-paying jobs, even in an unpredictable economy. Although there’s no such thing as true job security you can at least stack the deck in your favor by choosing a career that offers a consistent (and even lucrative) paycheck. … Read More

Economists all agree that unemployment recovery won’t happen overnight. In the mean time, you need to make a living. How are you going to do that when jobs are scarce? Or are they? Even though unemployment is high, the job market for entry-level positions for recent college grads is looking up. But is this economic slump a good enough reason to switch careers midstream? Read on to find out.… Read More

Ever wonder why college kids are the most fashionable, active and social group in our society? College students live in a bubble of financial aid, protected from accruing interest and subsidized by government grants and scholarships. They are, temporarily, protected from a crumbling economy. Thanks to all of my financial aid, I didn’t have to… Read More

The recent turbulent economy coupled with high unemployment rates has prompted many individuals to go back to school to earn a degree. As part of this trend, universities, colleges and education service providers across the country are beginning to team up to help students earn the credentials required to stay competitive in the workplace.… Read More

A recent turbulent economy has inspired many professionals to seek more education, as these initiatives could more attractive in the job market. Many universities and colleges are beginning to offer more online classes as a means to keep up with the increased flow of students who are pouring into these institutions and pursuing advanced degrees.… Read More