Even though the market isn’t quite as tough right now as it was during the peak of the recession, it’s still difficult particularly for new grads. They generally have little experience and their relying on the knowledge and skills that they learned in college to help them get the job. But the problem is that there are many individuals that have both a college degree and experience that are also competing for the same jobs. New grads are going to have to expand their searches if they’re going to find a job. It’s now necessary for individuals to search out of state.… Read More

Even though a college degree can give you the training to get into the job of your dreams, just remember that even though you may have a college degree that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will earn a lot of money. In fact, there are many college grads that have spent a lot on going to college and then they don’t end up making much. So if they have a lot of student loans it can be difficult for many to pay them off if they earn low wages.
Some low wage jobs according to 2010 data from PayScale shows that even with a bachelor’s degree, your wages may still not be high. For example students in the following areas can’t expect to start out earning a lot or expect to earn much more over their career. For example, engineers and those in computer science tend to get high salaries while those in the following 10 fields are paid poorly.… Read More

Nearly two-thirds of American workers have the intention of finding new jobs in 2010. This shows that there is growing frustration and discontent among American workers, which is continuing to rise sharply and no one knows how high it will be next year.… Read More

A woman that just earned a bachelor’s degree from Monroe College in the Bronx is suing her college because she can’t find a job. The 27-year-old claims she hasn’t been able to find employment since her graduation in April. In the suit she is seeking $70,000 that she spent on tuition.… Read More

Despite tough economic times, the future is looking bright for designers. As the need for professionally-designed Web sites and other marketing materials increases, demand for designers will increase by 15 percent in the next 7 years, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. Students graduating from design degree programs in the next 5 years will find plentiful work and growing salaries, according to experts.… Read More