Whether your considering an online college or a traditional one, you always want to consider the cost. And most of that cost will come from tuition. Depending on the college, that tuition can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars per semester to $70,000. For this very reason, it helps to know where schools offer… Read More

Though a precious commodity, education has become somewhat of a costly investment. The price of education today has topped the charts and even surpassed some housing prices. The “per credit” costs can add up rather quickly and as a result many aspiring students find they need additional assistance to carry the financial load. The Federal… Read More

According to a recent study published by the College Board and Art & Science Group, LLC, many families are unrealistic about covering the cost of an expensive college education. Many students admitted that paying for the education at a more expensive university would put a financial burden on their families, but they were still willing… Read More