Education degrees are not as one-dimensional as they used to be. What used to be one degree designed to prepare students to lead classrooms of their own has now blossomed into a vast field with multiple levels and specializations. Some education degrees, especially at the bachelor’s degree level, are the more traditional sort. But others… Read More

Experts say that to be competitive in today's job market, individuals who hold degrees have an edge over those who do not. Many Businesses are likely to hire qualified people who have completed a bachelor's degree program. School officials from Jackson State University recently announced the launch of its first online degree program. The institution… Read More

Even though women have risen in math achievement they still trail men. And a study of first and second graders has suggested that female elementary school teachers who are concerned about their own math skills pass that along to the little girls they teach. Because young students model themselves after adults of the same sex, many of these teachers have fears of math which means the stereotype that boys are better than girls when it comes to math, is reinforced.… Read More