A recent Accenture study finds that 2011-2012 college graduates are struggling to find a place in the job market. Many are turning to further education to move up into the jobs they thought they were qualified for. For the details, just check out our new infographic below. To share it, please use the embed code… Read More

According to a study released in January 2010 55% of people employed in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their jobs and/or careers. If you fall into this unhappy bracket, check out these five risks you can take to spice up your work week. They might be just the push you need to get you to fall in love with your career all over again.… Read More

Anthem College Online recently announced that the launch of a degree completion program for individuals who have already earned a medical assisting diploma. Officials told the news source that the associate's degree completion track for medical assisting enables students to develop the skills they need to advance in their careers or to broaden their employment… Read More

Ashford University, which is an online school, recently announced the launch of a new bachelors degree program in health education.

Officials said that this course of study will help students who seek employment in the expanding healthcare industry gain knowledge in the industry that encompasses the use of modern demographic trends.… Read More

Officials from Sanford-Brown, which is an education provider, recently announced its Community Link program. Community Link is a membership-based suite of on-campus and online resource giving students at more than 30 schools in the U.S. web-based test preparation tools and alumni access to continuing education activities. Officials added that this program will provide enrollees with… Read More

Have you been out of work for a while? Are you getting desperate to find a job? Well, don’t get too frantic because there are actually jobs out there that are worse than being unemployed. Come along as I take you on a humorous journey where you meet four jobs that aren’t worth doing even in a bad economy.… Read More