The movie awards season is in full swing again and the mother of them all, the Academy Awards, is just a couple weeks away. As the education maniacs we are, we could not resist the opportunity to link college degrees to our favorite actors and actresses, namely those who have been nominated for statuettes. Hopefully… Read More

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor died today in Los Angeles. She was admitted six weeks ago to Cedars Sinai Medical Center for a heart condition. Today she died of congestive heart failure. Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old. Her parents were from Kansas but she was born In England during the year 1929. Her parents were… Read More

Self-made entrepreneurs thumb their noses at their school-going counterparts, insisting that the really important lessons can only be gained through real-world experience. While experience is an invaluable companion to education, however, school is still the best way to build a solid foundation for the rest of your career. … Read More

True, sidekicks are usually given the weaker wardrobes to make their star partners look better, they don’t get the girl, and they typically have zero say in what happens, even if it means charging into certain doom. Before you count out sidekicking as a career, however, consider these perks and check out our sidekick gallery!… Read More

Games are a great way to provide entertainment for your friends and family. Playing games increases your sense of togetherness, can entertain people for hours, and is a great way to improve your child’s learning and education.… Read More