Financing a college education today requires creativity, tenacity and knowing how to navigate the financial aid maze. Here are ten tips to help you with the process and get you through the maze.… Read More

The process of getting financial aid can be overwhelming. There is paperwork to assemble, forms to complete, and big choices to make. It’s enough to make some prospective students postpone their school plans. But the process does not have to be hard. If you are interested in getting aid to fund your schooling, here are… Read More

Studies show that most people avoid going back for a college degree because of money worries. Fortunately, Stafford Loans, recently beefed up by President Obama’s stimulus bill, allow students to cover all their school and living expenses with minimal interest. With a combination of Stafford Loans and Pell Grants, degree-seekers are finding it easier to cover their living expenses and return to school.… Read More

If you have been putting off going to college because of financial concerns, now may be the perfect time to get your degree. The government is making it easier to go back to school by putting more money into Pell Grants. As part of President Obama’s $600-billion stimulus package, this free money is more available to students than ever before.… Read More

President Obama’s administration is planning on simplifying the federal college aid form. It currently consists of 153 questions, which many families give up on before finishing. President Obama is seeking to make the application more user-friendly so more students may attend higher education.… Read More