Spring Break

Soon it will be time to tuck away those books whether they are your own college books or your children’s school books, either ones it doesn’t matter, it’s time for a week of R&R, well the best kind a mom can get right?  Maybe you are now all saved up and ready to head somewhere… Read More

Resuming Career

Whether you have been home raising your children for years, months, or weeks, the thought of returning back to work is very disheartening since a strong bond was formed from the very beginning. Don’t fret, you are not alone. I have been in this boat three times and it was very difficult to go back every single time. The tears that were shed could probably flood a single room. It’s tough but you can do it.

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A psychology degree is something moms should consider pursuing if they haven’t already. Why? I believe moms would make excellent psychologists because if you think about it that’s one of a mom’s job descriptions at home. How so? Well, who do your children come to when they need advice or help in life situations? That’s right, mom. So, if you already have a psychology degree you are very fortunate because now you can even exercise your mom-pertise and expertise and really make a difference in your family’s life.

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nursing student

I can honestly say that there were many times I considered going to nursing school because so many of my friends did, but I had to have a quick reality check and realize that that just wasn’t my calling in life. I have highly admired my friends that have made the decision to go to nursing school, especially mothers.

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2010 as many of us may know was still a pretty rough year for the economy. Many individuals were laid off or lost their jobs completely. Now beginning a new year, many are still unemployed and are unable to find a good job to support themselves or their family. Hopefully we will see a change this year allowing more jobs to become available… Read More

Thinking of inviting some co-workers over for Thanksgiving dinner? How nice. But just remember Thanksgiving is a time you should spend with people you truly like (weird family members aside). So before you invite a gaggle of co-workers over a family holiday meal, ask yourself these four important questions.… Read More

Imagine for a moment that you are standing smack dab in the middle of a tight rope. One one side of the tight rope is your family and on the other side is your college professors, etc. Usually, a tight rope walker’s goal is to make it from one end to the other without falling. But lets look at this analogy in a different light.

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I recently have rediscovered the old-school board games I used to play when I was young, and I remembered how much I enjoyed playing them. Lately, on weekends I just want to play Life or Scrabble or Clue.… Read More

Games are a great way to provide entertainment for your friends and family. Playing games increases your sense of togetherness, can entertain people for hours, and is a great way to improve your child’s learning and education.… Read More