Today, there are numerous options for taking classes online. In fact, online education has become so popular that a number of institutions have begun offering online courses for free in virtually every subject you can imagine. That means that even if you don’t have the money to pay for a college education, you can still… Read More

The United States has contracted the University of Indiana and the University of Massachusetts ‘ Center for International Education to help reform universities in Afghanistan. The two will partner together with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide assistance to 18 Afghanistan universities. Together, they will work with Afghanistan’s Minister of Higher Education… Read More

Southern New Hampshire University recently announced the launch of a new online degree program in finance that is geared toward students who wish to enter the banking industry. Officials said that the finance-economics degree program helps prepare students for jobs in the banking, insurance, securities as well as corporate and personal finance industries. The curriculum… Read More

The State Senate Finance Committee recently met to discuss the Texas higher education budget, according to the news station KXAN.

Some state legislators told the news provider that there is too much wasteful spending in higher education. As a result, Senator Dan Patrick, R-Houston, is proposing that colleges offer bachelors degrees for only $10,000 and suggests that they use more online programs to achieve that goal.… Read More

The College of Financial Planning recently announced an online certification program that is designed to prepare financial advisors to meet the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples, reports Insurance News Net. The program is offered through self-study sessions or an instructor-led online course. The curriculum addresses common issues and challenges that are involved… Read More

I remember going to the mandatory financial aid counseling session when I applied for loans to help me get through college.  They tried to scare you into not getting a loan at all with their gloomy projections of paying back the loan later. They seemed to glory in failure stories of people who just found… Read More

As government faces greater deficits and tries to cut the budget one of the first things to receive cuts is education. The government is facing over 12 trillion dollars in debt so the government has decided to limit the budget spent on education. As a result teachers are receiving pink slips, class sizes are getting larger because fewer classes are offered, and the cost of tuition is rising as the government pays less and the students are forced to pay more.… Read More