For anyone thinking about getting a traditional or online degree, student loans have never been a bigger topic.  Just for the record, student loans had already nearly double since 2007 and were greater than credit card or auto loan debt before this happened. Now, with the U.S. Congress failing to take action to prevent interest rates… Read More

Student loans were created as financial aid to help those who might otherwise not be able to afford college to reach their educational goals. But what happens when the job market goes sour, everyone turns to college to fix their career problems at the same time, and they need student loans to make it happen?… Read More

We have said it before and we will say it again: there is more to financial aid than just grants and loans. Quite often when students consider how they are going to pay for college, scholarships are discussed or grants are searched for. Mom and Dad may look into loans. But there is an option… Read More

When you discuss student funding for college, people toss around thoughts about scholarships and grants. But when the discussion turns to loans, someone brings up Stafford loans, and you nod your head and act like you know all about it. All the while you are thinking about how you have heard of them, don’t actually… Read More

When it comes to finding money to pay for college, we hear a lot about grants, but scholarships are just as helpful. Like Pell grants, they do not have to be repaid as long as stipulations are met. Unlike grants from the federal government, however, there are thousands of different kinds of scholarships and they… Read More

We have spoken at length on our blog about Pell grants, which are available to anyone who has sufficient financial need and meets all other requirements. (To get your introduction to the world of financial aid and Pell grants, read our article Everything You Need to Know About College Grants.) But there are also other… Read More

When it comes to picking what kind of student loan you will use, it is all about interest rates. Because costs are rising for tuition and fees to go to college, it is becoming more and more common for students or their families to take out loans to pay for it. Not all loans are… Read More

Graduate degrees are many things, but they are not easy and cheap. Truly graduate school is not easy for most students-not easy to get into or easy to complete. It takes work, so much so that holding a job to help pay for it becomes tricky. To top that off, some graduate programs cost more… Read More