Maybe it’s the late nights, the lack of sleep, or the tendency to abuse substances at traditional colleges and universities. Or you could write it off to students who clearly have too much time on their hands for their own. Or it could be, as many students and faculty believe, that the spirits of the… Read More

You know how at the end of most scary movies the good guys are walking away, seemingly safe from the psychopath or zombie or ghost that has been stalking them, and then, BOOM! a bloody hand comes out of nowhere, grabs the good guy, and BAM! they cut to the credits? Well, I’m like that, too. Just when you thought I was going to relax and leave you alone through Halloween, I return with one more final trio of spine-tingling tales- just like that bloody hand reaching into the frame and making you scream like a kindergartener and grab your roommate…… Read More

They’re heeeere… again. As with inhumanly high levels of sugar intake on Halloween, so with ghost stories. This time of year, people just can’t get enough of scaring themselves. Why do we do it? Maybe to remind ourselves what it feels like. Maybe to tap into that primal terror the ancients felt in the presence of unexplainable forces. Maybe just for the adrenaline rush.

At any rate, I’m happy to oblige with three more tales of the restless dead, demonic forces, and shadowy apparitions that roam our nation’s colleges. … Read More

Halloween is getting closer, and I’ve got even more spooky stories from college campuses in my trick or treat bag. Last time, I was just playing around with stories of bumps in the night and benign Casper-like toddler ghosts. This time around, however, I promise scarier, more malevolent ghosts … here goes another serving of 5 fiendishly frightful forays into that phantom field of the unknown…
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October is upon us, the temperature drops, and the leaves whither in the trees. This is the season for costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and, of course, ghost stories … I recently found that college campuses are hotbeds for spooky stories. From year to year, they are added to and passed down to new students. They’re almost always woven into the history and personality of the school. Some are funny, others terrifying, and still others are just plain, well, cheesy. … Read More