It is no secret that many enter military service because of the GI Bill (among many reasons, of course). And that comes as no surprise: having most or all of your college education paid for is a big deal. But what many servicemen and servicewomen might not realize is that the GI Bill, and other… Read More

Many military service members are returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are seeking to earn a degree to move onto the next phase of their careers. As a result, schools are making a concerted effort to accommodate these individuals by offering new scholarship opportunities and online courses.… Read More

Universities and colleges are still waiting for tuition payments for thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who attended school last fall. The new GI Bill is supposed to cover the costs if not most of them, but the government hasn’t paid these schools yet and many veterans are worried they won’t be able to return to school in January.… Read More

The Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover up to 100 percent of student costs such as tuition, housing, books and supplies. The amount depends on the state in which individuals attend school. For instance, an individual enrolled in a Texas school could be eligible to receive $28,126 a semester. An individual enrolled in Colorado would be eligible to receive $43,035. The VA has determined that individuals in Florida are eligible for up to $62,000 per term.… Read More

When Iraq War Army veteran Scott Jones returned to his parents' Tennessee farm last June after his second tour of duty, the first thing he did was visit the local burger joint for a plate of his favorite onion rings. After a week of golfing and catching up on missed movies, Jones knew he needed… Read More