money for school

  Fiscal Budget Disagreement A government shutdown is looming large as Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on a fiscal budget.   If an agreement is not reached by midnight Friday, the Federal government will shut down and everyone but essential employees will be furloughed.  What does this mean for higher education? It is not likely that… Read More

Thinking of going to college, but you don’t qualify for scholarships, grants or any of the other free money so often associated with financial aid? Maybe it’s time to consider a college loan. Don’t worry, taking out a college loan is not the scary experience it used to be. Before you cross college off your wish list (due to lack of finances), get the lowdown on college loans.… Read More

Even though 151,000 people went back to work in October, employment growth is still slow. To make ends meet many are taking minimum wage jobs while going back to school (or just to bridge the gap). If you’re considering a low-paying job, we’d like to share some minimum facts on minimum wage.… Read More

You can tell a lot about someone’s priorities by where they spend their money… Our federal government, as an entity, is no different. Where the government puts its trillions tells us volumes about what it values most. And, sorry to say, education is nowhere near the top of the list.… Read More

The California state government will begin laying off 20,000 government workers starting today in an effort to respond to falling tax revenues and a $42-billion budget deficit. So, it’s time to face the facts: government jobs are not secure. Government jobs, in the end, are paid for with taxpayer money. When a recession hits, taxpayer money goes down. The result: government jobs are just as vulnerable as other jobs. It just takes a little while longer.… Read More