Years ago, colleges were seen as institutions of higher learning; you attended because of the academics. Today, because of the cost of a college education, students view a degree as a transaction. That expensive degree should net you a good paying job after graduation. If higher education expects students to shell out the big bucks… Read More

There was a time that college graduates spiffed up their resumes, printed them out, and searched the local papers for job opportunities. Then came along and resume submission became easier as graduates applied for jobs online. Recently, the popularity of social media has added another layer to the graduate job search. Graduates need as… Read More

Graduation is just a few weeks away and every college graduate is thinking about their future. Graduates can’t afford to spend time resting on their laurels—the future awaits and so do those hard-to-find jobs. It is common knowledge that networking works in the job search. If you make good contacts and expand your network, the… Read More