Moms seem to have the magical ability to do fifty things at once while remaining calm and keeping a smile on their face. The truth is, Moms are under a lot of stress. Moms going to college are under even more stress. Mothers continuing an education set a good example for their children, and for… Read More

There was a time that college graduates spiffed up their resumes, printed them out, and searched the local papers for job opportunities. Then came along and resume submission became easier as graduates applied for jobs online. Recently, the popularity of social media has added another layer to the graduate job search. Graduates need as… Read More

If you’re a college student, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Twitter. Many people, even upcoming graduates, might find Twitter to be more of a “post your thoughts” social tool, akin to text messaging. But in reality, Twitter can be a valuable job assist tool for every college graduate, especially in such a competitive marketplace.… Read More

Just like with Scotsmen and their kilts, there has always been great speculation as to what people wear under their gowns during graduation. To get you thinking, here are four creative “ensembles” you can wear the day you receive your diploma. (None are guaranteed to be college administration-sanctioned, however all are certain to keep you covered.)… Read More

Most high school seniors are geared up for graduation next month—and that comes with a good case of senioritis. The typical path for a large percentage of graduates sends them off to college in the fall to live in dorms, stay up all night studying, and pledge sororities and fraternities. But what happens when those… Read More

With graduation ceremonies looming colleges are looking for their next interesting speaker for commencement. I say we buck tradition and enlist non-traditional speakers that might actually have something quirky to say and thus keep everyone awake through all the pomp and circumstance. Here are eight commencement speakers we’d like to hear (but probably won’t anytime soon).… Read More

Graduation is just a few weeks away and every college graduate is thinking about their future. Graduates can’t afford to spend time resting on their laurels—the future awaits and so do those hard-to-find jobs. It is common knowledge that networking works in the job search. If you make good contacts and expand your network, the… Read More

How often will you wear your college cap and gown after you graduate? Probably never, which means it’s eventually destined for a landfill. See how you can decrease your graduation carbon footprint by considering these recyclable and biodegradable options to the traditional polyester cap and gown.… Read More