College graduates with generic degrees are a little more marketable in this precarious job market than those with specialized degrees. To illustrate this point here are four unique art-related jobs that just about any Art major graduate could apply for (and in fact, do well in).… Read More

College Graduation Quotes

In honor of college graduations/commencements everywhere, I thought it would be fun to list some of the best graduation quotes from times past. You can check out more of these graduation quotes on    They are listed in random order but choose your favorite by leaving a comment.  Feel free to express why it is… Read More

You’ve graduated from college and have made the decision to go to graduate school. Or you’re working at a job and need to supplement your Bachelor’s degree with more education to further your career. As our society has continued to evolve, education has become the most favorable route to professional success: pursuing a graduate degree… Read More

Graduation looms on the horizon and we all know what that means—boring commencement speeches and long, drawn out ceremonies. But for the lucky ones, whose colleges attract the “big gun” speakers, commencement might not be quite as boring. This time of year, it might be fun to take a look at some of the more… Read More


It won’t be long now. Colleges across the country are gearing up for commencement exercises and seniors are looking toward graduation. It used to be that most college graduates secured employment before graduation. But the “times they are a changin’”. The competitive job market, struggling economy, and unemployment rates have forced graduates to think outside… Read More

If you are a mom currently in college or considering returning, you are most likely dreaming of the day that you will participate in your college graduation while receiving your degree.  This dream is definitely not impossible and can become reality if you just keep going forward and working hard towards your goals. If you… Read More

Graduation is quickly approaching for many college students across the country. They will be facing an unstable job market with only a slight sign of recovery. But for many, the competition will be fierce, leaving them with few options after graduation. Many have labeled this the “boomerang” generation—faced with few job prospects and mounting debt,… Read More

Bryant & Stratton College will host a graduation ceremony in Second Life the online virtual world. This ceremony will be the first time that a graduation has been hosted on Second Life. The ceremony will include a procession, commencement speaker, and conferring of degrees to students that are dressed in caps and gowns. … Read More