*Updated: April 18, 2017 The majority of college students stress about paying for college. And it is no wonder. For the average public university student, tuition and associated costs rose by 2.4 percent (in-state) to 3.6 percent (out-of-state) from 2015-16 school year to the 2016-17. So naturally, more than social life or even concerns about… Read More

In a recent letter to members of the Labor, Health, Human Services and Education subcommittee, Congress urged support for maximum funding for Pell Grants, stating labor statistics show the necessity of higher education. What They Asked For Congress is asking for the approval of the maximum amount for Pell Grant funding as proposed by the… Read More

The Georgia Southern University School of Nursing recently announced that it was awarded nearly $800,000 in grants, which are intended to help address the nationwide shortage of nursing faculty, reports the school's website. Officials told on the website that the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration awarded the college with a three-year grant for $792,000… Read More

Many federal and state government agencies are providing schools with grants that are intended to help them start new training programs for in-demand industries, such as engineering and nursing. As a result, colleges and universities are taking advantage of these funds and setting up curricula that will help educate students for jobs of need in their respective regions.… Read More

Do you dream of attending an elite college, but have nightmares about how you’d pay for it? The bottom line is if you want a college education at a specific university, then you have to be persistent…and a bit of a detective. Financial aid (without loans) exists at some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Find out which ones are willing to help with tuition without breaking your future bank account.… Read More

Ever wonder why college kids are the most fashionable, active and social group in our society? College students live in a bubble of financial aid, protected from accruing interest and subsidized by government grants and scholarships. They are, temporarily, protected from a crumbling economy. Thanks to all of my financial aid, I didn’t have to… Read More

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If receiving financial aid is the key to attending college, you might want to look at your college’s financial aid footprint. Every college reports the statistics related to their financial aid profile. These statistics can tell you how generous they are with their scholarships and grants and also the percentage of students who receive help… Read More